40 years MRU

Gas Turbines / Compressor Stations Branches & Applications


The slim multi talent handheld flue gas analyser using up to 7 sensors

MGAprime Q

Portable Automatic Measuring System (PAMS) suitable as an alternative method for the standard reference method for calibrating and validating stationary AMS in the context of QAL2 and AST in accordance with EN 14181

MGAprime H2

High end flue gas emission analyser for H2-analysis at industrial sites


Portable stack gas emission analyser for long time measurements of industrial combustions

OMS 420

Compact in-situ probe for combustion optimization

DM 401

Optical Dust Monitoring System

DF 252

Gas flow velocity and flow rate measurement

MFplus "16911"

Dedicated to travers points volumetric flow rate measurement in industrial stacks compliant to European Standard EN 16911-1, to ISO 10780 and to USEPA 40CFR part 60, method 2