OPTIMA7 Flue gas analyser for up to 7 gas emission measurements

O2NONO2SO2H2SCO/H2[Translate to Englisch:] [Translate to Englisch:]

The most powerful handheld MULTIGAS ANALYSER for industrial combustions, emission- and process monitoring using up to 7 sensors

Compatible with new MRU App "MRU4u" *

* Requires Option "Bluetooth"

USBApp: MRU4uIrDABluetooth

· O2 measurement: 0 - 25,00%, using new longlife O2 sensor
· Gas temperature up to 800°C using stainless steel / up to 1.100°C using Inconel steel probe tubes
· Combustion air temperature: 0 - 300°C
· Stack / Differential pressure: -100mbar ... +100mbar
· Differential temperature mesurement
· O2 referencing (normalisation) to user settable value
· Emission calculations like: mg/m3, true NO(x) = NO + NO2 and NO(x) as mg/m3 NO2
· Complete combustion calculation using large, country specific fuel type list
· Large condensate separator with PTFE (Teflon) coated PTFE filter
· Backlit 3,5“ TFT high resolution colour display and backlit keypad
· Mini-USB interface to PC and SD-card slot for large volume data logging, incl. SD-card
· Internal data storage for up to 16.000 measurements!
· High volume data storage to SD card (CSV format)
· High energy Li-Ion battery, for up to 10 hrs operation time
· IRDA interface for high speed infrared thermal printer
· Menu guided software and function keys
· Modern, slim line enclosure with fixing magnets
· Robust stainless steel gas connectors
· Rechargeable battery via USB port
· Wall-plug, universal grid power supply 90-240Vac / 50-60Hz


PC software MRU4win

for PC visualization of measured data


for wireless data transfer to notebook or MRU App "MRU4u" for smartphone or tablet

CO-measurement (H2 compensated)



CO(very high)-measurement



CO2/CH4 - measurement

0...100,00 %/ 0...100,00% (dual gas NDIR)


0...1.000/5.0000 ppm



0...200/1.0000 ppm



0...2.000/5.0000 ppm



0...500/2.0000 ppm



0...40,00%/100...40.000ppm (NDIR)

Gas sampling probe handle Type F

for exchangeable tubes

Exchangeable probe tube Type F, 180 or 300mm

from 300 mm up to 2.000 mm length

Gas sampling probe for stack gas temperatures up to 1.700°C

Ø 10mm, 1.000mm, 2,7m hose length, without gas temperature measurement

Heat deflector shield

Ø 150mm for Ø 10mm tubes

Combustion air temperature probe, 300 mm

w/ PTFE cone and 2,7m cable

Detector probe

  • Detector probe for fast leakage detection
  • 1,95 m cable and flex. goose neck
  • adaptable to all AUX sockets


for connecting additional transmitters (detector probe, etc.)

Pitot tube, L-type, without temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Pitot tube, L-type, with temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Pitot tube, S-type, with temperature measurement

500 x Ø 8mm, with 28mm protection tube,
TIG welding for 0...1.000° operating temperature


ABS Transport Case OPTIMA7

with compartments for accessories

Arctic, unheated transport bag

suitable for low ambient temperatures of -15°C

Large aluminium framed transport case

plenty of space for unit and accessories

Pre-filter for high concentrations of dirt

for all unheated probes

Filter tabs for pre-filter

pack of 50 pcs

PTFE filterelement


Speed printer

Infrared high speed thermal printer

Service & Cleaning kit SPECTRA/OPTIMA7

spare filter, fuses, probe cleaning brush, silicone, duster, etc.

Technical Data
Measuring range
O2 0 ... 25 %
NO 0 ... 5.000 ppm
NO2 0 ... 1.000 ppm
SO2 0 ... 5.000 ppm
H2S 0 ... 2.000 ppm
CO (H2 compensated) 0 ... 10.000 ppm
Differential pressure ± 100 hPa
Fluegas temperature 0 ... 1.100°C; with suitable probe
Calculated values
CO2 (infrared) 0 ... 40 %
Dimensions and other data
Data storage internally as well as on SD-card
Data transfer via Bluetooth (option) or USB-cable
Display 3,5" colour-TFT
Flow velocity 1 ... 100 m/s
Combustion air temperature K-type standard (option)
Battery operating time up to 15 hours non-stop operation with lithium ion battery
Weight approx. 750 g
Dimensions 110 x 225 x 52 mm