40 years MRU

Emission monitoring since 1984

Our profile

We are a family-owned enterprise based in Neckarsulm-Obereisesheim, Germany, which manufactures high quality and durable portable and stationary Emission Monitoring Systems for the HVAC / Installers market and industrial applications. Our wide range of products includes instruments for mobile and stationary gas analysis, biogas and syngas analysis, automotive exhaust gas analysis as well as precision digital manometers.

MRU was founded on 1st, June 1984 with just two employees and developed into a nationally as well as internationally respected enterprise. At its headquarters in Neckarsulm-Obereisesheim, MRU develops, produces and sells Emission Monitoring Systems for portable and stationary use all around the world. Today MRU Emission Monitoring Systems are being exported in more than 70 countries worldwide.

MRU is managed by the founder and Managing Director Erwin Hintz and the Assistant Managing Director and Sales Manager Martin Seegräber. The next generation of the family business daughter Helena Hintz and her partner Jörg Renner entered the family enterprise in 2014 and 2015.

The beginnings of the MRU


Foundation of the company MRU – Messgeräte für Rauchgase und Umweltschutz – by Erwin Hintz on 1st, June 1984 in Heilbronn, Germany.


1st, October 1988 the German 1.BImSchV (Small Combustion Plant Directive) came into effect, which entitled the chimney sweepers to carry out emission measurements at small combustion plants. The demand for flue gas measuring units multiplied almost overnight. Industrial systems, which were basis of the founding-idea, lost importance in the market. A new generation of measuring units had to be developed.


Foundation of the first subsidiary in Austria.


Opening and move to the first own premises in Neckarsulm-Obereisesheim. At this time, MRU employed about 50 people and the first industrial gas analyzer is sold.

MRU worldwide


A worldwide revision of attitudes towards environmental protection began. The German laws “TA-Luft” and 1.BImSchV many times served as guidelines in that process. However, the driving power was not always the intent of environmental protection rather than saving energy. New markets grew. New analyzers, often tailored to country - specific requirements, were developed. MRU Emission Monitoring Systems are being exported in more than 70 countries worldwide. From a quite small beginning, our company developed into a medium-sized, globally acting and very successful enterprise.


Foundation of the first German service center in Unna, Nordrhein-Westfahlen.


Foundation of the subsidiary in Poland.


Foundation of the subsidiary in the Czech Republic.



Foundation of the second German service center in Markt-Schwaben, Bavaria, and foundation of the subsidiaries in the USA and Slovenia.


MRU sets standards


Introduction of our SPECTRAplus multifunctional measuring instrument for the chimneysweeper market in Germany. At the same time, we were introducing our OPTIMA7 industrial hand-held measuring instrument in the export market. With both devices, we were able to set standards. With our OPTIMA7 it is possible to analyze up to seven gas components in parallel, and the SPECTRAplus still is the benchmark in the market.


In 2012, a new facility, 2.500m² in size and equipped with most modern manufacturing possibilities, went into operation. 


Foundation of the subsidiary in Russia.



Foundation of the subsidiary in Turkey.



Foundation of the subsidiary in Croatia.



Foundation of the third German service center in Buchholz in der Nordheide, Lower Saxony.



Always focusing on the future, no time to rest on success. Pushing MRU forward untiringly, founder and Managing Director, Erwin Hintz, continues his search for new products and new markets.

Our mission

Continuous innovation is the source of our success. Our measurement technology is not only fulfilling the current requirements of our global customers, we constantly seek to anticipate future developments and implement those in our measuring devices.  

The proximity to our customers is particularly important to us and we are very proud of our worldwide network of consultants, partners and service centers. This enables us to offer our customers a fast and competent service and to respond to customer specific requirements in short time.

We also attach great importance to quality - with our employees, our suppliers and our production material. The high quality in all aspects of production makes our instruments robust and durable. We produce our analyzers in accordance with globally recognized quality standards in our new, modern manufacturing facility.

Corporate culture is also an important aspect in our family managed company. All employees contribute with their responsible, valuable work to the welfare and success. They are an important guarantee for high-quality and durable MRU emission measuring instruments.

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