40 years MRU

VARIOluxx - Our new portable stack gas emission analyser for long time measurements of industrial combustions

Suitable for precise low NOx measurements and other toxic gas emissions measurements according

to new MCP Directive 2015/2193

With more than 30 years’ experience in design and manufacturing of portable emission gas analysers, after well over 10 years success of VARIOplus-Industrial, we launched the new follow-up model VARIOluxx.

The outstanding benefits of the new VARIOluxx are:

  • brilliant modern design, adapted to actual requirements of human-machine-interface with large, coloured display operated with touch and swipe similar to smartphones
  • all cable and wireless data transfer to computer, smartphone and internet or intranet available
  • the enhanced better performing measuring technique using complete sample gas conditioning system with powerful gas cooler, heated probe and heated sampling line, for a complete, comprehensive 9-gas analysis of flue gases using up to 6 electrochemical cells and a precise 3-gas infrared cuvette

For more information, please take a look at our VARIOluxx product site and our VARIOluxx brochure.