40 years MRU

New stationary biogas analyser: SWG 100 BIOcompact

Cost effective stationary biogas analyser for discontinuous measurements

The new analyser SWG 100 BIOcompact samples dry biogas, pressurized or low pressure gas and can be used for single or dual point sampling. The analyser is designed for the use in the harsh industrial environment of:

  • Cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP)
  • Municipal or industrial waste water treatement sites
  • Small scale AD plants with dry fermentation
  • Landfill sites


Thanks to our new MSM-technology customers are able to change the pre-calibrated plug&play sensors by themselves so the service downtime can be kept at a minimum.


To receive further information please take a look at our SWG 100 BIOcompact-product site and our <link file:4141>SWG 100 BIOcompact-Flyer.