40 years MRU

MGAprime Q Portable Automatic Measuring System (PAMS) suitable as an alternative method for the standard reference method for calibrating and validating stationary AMS in the context of QAL2 and AST in accordance with EN 14181


· With included, free of charge MRU calibration certificate, TÜV certificate                     
· With the HPI gas sampling probe head with integrated heater for the low dust gas filter cartridge,                                
  with 3m heated Teflon sampling line and analyser temperature regulation setable by user,                                    
  with gas temperature measurement using K-type (NiCrNi) thermocouple            
  the probe head is including the low dust gas filter cartridge and one Ø12 x 300mm exchangeable probe tube                            
· Including the APE acid dosage system with 10% H3PO4 (phosphoric acid shall be procured locally or see consumables / ask MRU)                    
· Integrated, efficient dual heat exchanger gas cooler (Peltier type) with dual automatic condensate draining pumps                        
· Automatic zeroing by means of 3-way solenoid valve, internal sample flow volume measurement                                    
· Strong, regulated sample gas pump and easy replaceable, effective PTFE filter                                    
· Zero gas (ambient air) inlet port and VENT outlet of sample gas                                    
· Stack gas temperature measurement up to 1.200°C                             
· Combustion air temperature measurement up to 500°C                                  
· Differential pressure measurement +/- 100 mbar                              
· With emission calculations like:                                    
      · mg/Nm3 for all toxic gases                                    
      · user definable O2 referencing for toxic gases emission reports                                    
      · g/sec mass emission calculation with optional stack flow rate                                    
         measurement using Pitot tube (**)                                    
      · true NOx = NO + NO2 and NOx as NO2 (mg/Nm3),                                    
· Automatic internal test and control of soft- and hardware functions                                    
· Large, high-contrast and backlit 7" (840x480) graphical display                                     
· Display with easy, intuitive touch panel and all measured data at one sight                                    
· LINUX operating system, graphical data visualization, csv or pdf reporting file                                     
· Automatic measurement incl. data logging function                                     
· Data transfer to PC or notebook over integrated  LAN Ethernet (RJ45 socket) or USB-stick, or wireless via included WiFi dongle      
  Remote control via smartphone or tablet using VCN server via LAN/WLAN (no remote control via MRU4u app)         
· With 8 channel analog output 4-20mA and 4 channel analog input 4-20mA and also the digital data transfer dongle for RS485                     
· Including universal analogue input (AUX socket) with 0-10 V or 4-20 mA signal or K-thermocouple or RS485                            
· Universal power supply: mains 90-264 Vac/ 105 W (up to 400W with 3m heated sampling line)                                    
· 1 hour Li-Ion 96W battery stand-by operation, with power supply for the dual gas cooler, ndir module and heated probe filter                    
· Modern, rugged aluminium enclosure for the analyser, with rubber molded impact protection and shoulder strap                            
· Analyser packed in special IP42 soft padded nylon transport bag, all other accessories packed  in separate soft transport bag                                    


USB to Bluetooth converter set

for wireless data transfer

Heated sampling line, various lengths

for HPI probe, temperature control and -regulation by analyser, quick coupling to probe head

Glas flow velocity and mass calculation by using a Pitot tube


"Pelicase" style transport case

suitable for flight transportation

WLAN/USB printer

with LiIon battery, 80mm paper width and battery charger

Pitot tube, L-type, with temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Pitot tube, S-type, with temperature measurement

500 x Ø 8mm, with 28mm protection tube,
TIG welding for 0...1.000° operating temperature

Technical Data
Measuring range
NO Certification range: 0 – 270mg/m3 / Supplementary range: 0 – 2 680 mg/m3
Certification range: 0 – 200ppm / Supplementary range: 0 – 2 000ppm
NO2 Certification range: 0 – 308 mg/m3 / Supplementary range: 0 – 1 025 mg/m3
Certification range: 0 – 150ppm / Supplementary range: 0 – 500ppm
SO2 Certification range: 0 – 429 mg/m3 / Supplementary range: 0 – 8 571 mg/m3
Certification range: 0 – 150ppm / Supplementary range: 0 – 3 000ppm
CO2 Certification range: 0 – 20 Vol.-%
CO Certification range: 0 – 220 mg/m3 / Supplementary range: 0 – 3 750 mg/m3
Certification range: 0 – 175ppm / Supplementary range: 0 – 3 000ppm
N2O Certification range: 0 – 196 mg/m3 / Supplementary range: 0 – 490 mg/m3
Certification range: 0 – 100ppm / Supplementary range: 0 – 250ppm
CH4 0 ... 500/10.000ppm (not certified)
C3H8 0 ... 200/5.000ppm (not certified)
O2 0 ... 25% paramagnetic
Fluegas temperature 0 ... 1.000°C
Ambient air temperature 0 ... 100°C
Differential pressure -120 ... +120hPa
Flow Velocity 3 ... 100 m/s via pitot tube
Dimensions and other data
Power supply 86...265 Vac, 47...63Hz, 105W (up to 600W with heated sample line)
Protection IP 42 in protective bag
Dimensions 430x290x150mm (WxHxD)
Operating temperature +5...+40°C, RH up to 90%, non condensing
Display 7" TFT (800x480px)
Data storage dynamic, more than 10.000 data sets, internal memory may be exported to USB-Stick
Warm up time 60 minutes, typical
Battery capacity 96 Wh, for appr. 1 h Standby