40 years MRU

OMS 420 Compact in-situ probe for combustion optimization


Compact in-situ probe

  • Using heated ZrO2 sensor for wet O2 analysis up to 600°C flue gas temperature
  • With optional special heated solid electrolyte sensor for combustibles measurement
  • Compact probe with flow guidance (hollow) tube, with or without back-purge for flue gas temperature up to 600°C
  • For high temperature application up to 1.000 °C or respectively 1700°C, see models OMS420RT and OMS420HT
  • 4"ANSI 150lbs or DN65 PN6 flange with Ø 60mm probe tube and different lengths
  • Reference air inlet through natural difusion, no air pump is required
  • Rugged industrial plug for power supply and data transfer (2x analog 4-20 mA galvanic isolated, digital RS 485 with Modbus RTU protocol

Available OPTIONS like:

  • COe- combustibles gas measurement
  • Back-purge using compressed air, with solenoid valve control by means of transmitter electronics, incl. adjustable purging intervals (recommended for high dust sites)
Technical Data
Measuring range
O2 0,1%-steps, 0,1 ... 25 %
COe 0 ... 1.000 ppm (Option: measuring combustiable gases)
Dimensions and other data
Transmitter with microprocessor, graphical LCD and 4 operating keys with microprocessor, graphical LCD and 2 operating keys (internally)
Flange ANSI flange: Ø 230 mm / probe tube: Ø 60 mm, up to max. 4,0 m length or flange DN80 PN16, flange DN65 PN6: Ø 216 mm / probe tube: Ø 60 mm, up to max. 4,0 m length or flange DN80 PN16
Response time < 10 seconds
Power supply 18 ... 24 Vdc (for Modell OMS 420), 90 ... 100 W 100 ... 240 Vac (for models OMS 420 RT and OMS 420 HT)
Protection IP 65
Weight approx. 13,5 kg