NOVAcompactPortable, compact flue gas analyser for emission monitoring and combustion control

O2CO/H2NONO2[Translate to Englisch:] SO2[Translate to Englisch:]
  • Very compact and extremely rugged gas analyser
  • Fully equipped for all kind of adjustment and monitoring tasks at combustions
  • Intuitively and comfortable to use
  • Longlife Oxygen (O2)-Sensor (0 … 21%)
  • CO-Sensor (0 … 4.000/overload 10.000 ppm)
  • Fresh air purging for CO-sensor-protection
  • Flue gas probe with 250mm probe length and 2,2 m sampling line
  • Speedprinter, built-in
  • Lithium-Ion battery (approx. 10 hours operation)
  • 3,5“ TFT colour display and LED-lit keypad
  • Mini-USB-socket and SD card slot
  • Differential pressure- und differential temperature measurement
  • Very robust, compact aluminium framed case (423x240x176mm)

Filter set for measurement of solid fuels combustion

e.g. wood pellets, barks, split logs


for wireless data transfer to notebook or MRU App "MRU4u" for smartphone or tablet

Technical Data
Measuring range
O2 0 ... 21%
CO (H2 compensated) 0 ... 10.000/20.000 ppm
NO 0 ... 1.000/5.000 ppm
NO2 0 ... 200/1.000 ppm
NO(x) 0 ... 1.000/5.000 ppm
SO2 0 ... 2.000/5.000 ppm
Fluegas temperature 0 ... 650°
Dimensions and other data
Data storage internally as well as on SD-Card
Data transfer via USB or Bluetooth
Electr. connection transmitter more sensors via AUX-input
Display 3,5" colour-TFT
Sample gas flow monitoring sample flow monitoring with alarm on display
Housing metal, fixed in rugged aluminium framed case
Battery capacity 10 hours continuous operation
Weight approx. 6,8 kg