400GD Multifunctional detector and measuring device

  • Reliable gas leak detection and spillage test with only one system
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Optical alarm at the sensor and on the display of the device
  • Acoustic and vibration alarm by the device
  • Strong Lithium-Ion battery, chargeable via Mini-USB socket

Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen in Germany now uses four MRU 400GD and 500GD for its leak detection.

  • Freely adjustable alarm threshold (Vibration)
  • Sensor exchange possible during current operation; device identificates the sensor automatically
  • Acoustical, optical and haptical alarm
  • Indication of gas concentration in ppm, % and %LEL (HC sensor)
  • Adjustment factors are stored in the sensor, so it can be used with different devices
  • TFT colour display
  • Handy device with dirt resistant keypad
  • Integrated Lithium-Ion battery
  • Power supply for battery charging

Plastic case for small units

Technical Data
Measuring range
CH4 (HC sensor) 0 ... 22.000 pm
H2O (Sensor spillage test) 0 … 100 %
Relative humidity 0 ... 100% RH
Absolute pressure 300 ... 1.100 hPa
Surface temperature - contactless (IR) -70 ... 380° C, field of view 35°
HC (C3H8) 0 ... 8.500ppm
H2 0 ... 20.000ppm
Refrigerant CFC, HCFC, PFC, HFC, HFO
CO (CO-Sensor) 0 ... 1.000 ppm
Calculated values
Dew point calculated from humidity and temperature
Dimensions and other data
Battery capacity approx. 20 hours
Weight approx. 230 g (without sensor)
Dimensions 135 x 50 x 25 mm (LxBxT), Sensor neck: 250 mm