Particulate matter measurement FSM Measurement of particulate matter for small wood stoves and pellet boilers

  • SPECTRA or OPTIMA - the control units for all processes
  • FSM case - the robust modul for the dust collecting process on site
  • FSM scale - the ultra precise weighing- and drying module

The 3-component-system consists of:

1. Measuring- and control unit "SPECTRA" or OPTIMA:
Controls all processes of dust collecting, weighing and drying and supplies additionally needed flue gas values

2. Dust collecting module "FSM Case":
Robust and compact modul used to load special filter elements with dust

3. Weighing- and drying modul "FSM Scale":
Drys and weighs simultaneously and transmits the results to the control unit

Please also watch our short video on our youtube - channel about the FSM - system!

Technical Data
Dimensions and other data
Weight approx. 9 kg
Dimensions 470x230x315 mm (HxWxD)
TÜV approval TÜV-approved