NOVAplusPortable flue gas analyser for up to 9 gas emission measurements

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Maximum flexibility through wireless remote control and versatility through 10 different measuring programs

  • At oil-, gas- and wood firings as well as at large boilers

Measure more with just 1 unit:

  • Fluegas
  • Soot
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Gas leakage
  • Humidity
  • Flow-speed
  • And many more ...

Compatible with new MRU App "MRU4u" (Android only)*

TÜV approval according to VDI 4206-1 and EN 50379 1-3

* Requires option "Bluetooth"

  • Wireless remote control of all functions
  • Remote control functions also as a separate measuring device
  • Robust metal enclosure mounted to an aluminium framed case
  • Brilliant 3,5“TFT colour display
  • Storage and transfer of measuring data (SD card or USB)
  • Data logging function
  • Speedprinter
  • Temperature measurements of all kind
  • Pressure-, differential pressure- and chimney draft measurement
  • Contactless battery charging, altern. through Mini-USB socket
  • Lithium ion battery for 10 hours continuous operation (basic unit)


0...1.000/5.0000 ppm


Wireless remote control unit "Basic"

Wireless remote control unit "Comfort"

as an alternative to RCU "Basic"

CO-measurement (H2 compensated)



CO(very high)-measurement



NOx measurement

0 ... 1.000 ppm, overload up to 5.000 ppm


0...200/1.0000 ppm



0...2.000/5.0000 ppm



0...500/2.0000 ppm



0...40,00%/100...40.000ppm (NDIR)

Gas sampling probe handle

for exchangeable tubes (without filter and with 1,5 m triple sampling hose)

3-gas NDIR bench CO/CO2/CH4

CO 0...10%
CO2 0...40%
CH4 0...4%

Heated gas sampling probe head

incl. heated sampling line, 3m or 5m long

Exchangeable probe tube Type F

from 300 mm up to 2.000 mm length

Heat deflector shield

Ø 150mm for Ø 10mm tubes

Automatic soot measurement

incl. soot probe with heated probe handle

Gas cooler

Peltier, low energy, high efficiency and condensate draining pump

Active VENT port with forced sample gas ventilation

via internal pump


Additional compartment Nplus

attachable to standard case (B 470 x H 120 x T 220 mm)

Exchangeable probe tube Type F

from 300 mm up to 2.000 mm length

Pre-filter for high concentrations of dirt

for all unheated probes

Heat deflector shield

Ø 150mm for Ø 10mm tubes

Gas sampling probe handle "TR"

for industrial combustions

Very high temperature probe

without temperature measurement

Combustion air temperature probe, 300 mm

w/ PTFE cone and 2,7m cable

Stack draft probe

250/8 mm with 3m silicone hose


  • Detectorprobe for fast leakage detection
  • 1,95 m cable and flex. goose neck
  • adaptable to all AUX sockets

Sensor for HC leakage detection

adaptable to detector probe (plug and play)

Sensor for spillage test

Pitot tube, L-type, with temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Pitot tube, S-type, with temperature measurement

500 x Ø 8mm, with 28mm protection tube,
TIG welding for 0...1.000° operating temperature

CO-sensor protection by purafil filter

recommended for use at CHP engines

CO-sensor protection by separate purging pump

required if both, CO regular and CO high or very high, are installed

Technical Data
Measuring range
O2 0 ... 21 %
NO(x) 0 ... 1.000 ppm* overload up to 5.000 ppm (option)
CO (H2 compensated) 0 ... 10.000 ppm* overload up to 20.000 ppm (option)
Differential pressure at basic unit ± 100hPa, at remote control ± 200hPa
External pressure sensor up to 40 bar (option)
Temperature up to 800 °C or up to 1.100 °C (with suitable sensor)
Fluegas temperature 0 ... 800°C (stainless steel tube) 0 ... 1.100°C (inconeltube)
Relative humidity 3 ... 98 %
Amount of leakage 0 ... 8 l/h
External temperature sensor K-type standard
Calculated values
Dew point calculated °C
Losses 0 ...99,9 %
Dimensions and other data
Gas conditioning illuminated condensate trap, alternatively gas cooler
Sample gas flow monitoring optional, standard with soot measurement
Flow velocity with pitot tube 1 ... 40 with vane 0,25 ... 35 m/s
Soot measurement optionally available as built-in feature
Operating temperature + 5 ... + 45 °C, max. 95 % RF, non condensing
Power supply grid 100 ... 240 Vac / 50 … 60 Hz, 1,4 A, 12 V DC/5A
Battery capacity basic unit up to 10 hours resp. with gas cooler up to 6 hours / remote control up to 30 hours
Weight 7,4 kg with 2 sensors, probe, power supply, case
Dimensions 470x314x235 mm (HxWxD)
TÜV approval By RgG 296
4/8 Pa-Test optionally available
Data storage internally 1MB or externally 2 GB
Data transfer via USB cable, optionally via Bluetooth
PC-interface mini-USB, optionally Bluetooth
Display 3,5" TFT colour display
Pressure ranges internally up to 1,5 bar (option) externally up to 40 bar (option)