Detector probe Multifunctional detector probe and measuring device

CH4 H2

Outstanding benefits:

  • Reliable gas leak detection
  • spillage detection
  • indoor climate measurement
  • contactless temperature measurement
  • measurement of carbon monoxide in ambient air
  • measurement of carbon dioxide in ambient air
  • with just one system
  • Compatible to all MRU-devices with AUX-socket, e.g. SPECTRAplus, DM9600, DPM9600
  • Sensor change during operation due to automatic identification by the device
  • Optical alarm at the sensor and on the display of the device
  • Acoustic alarm by the device
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Indication of measuring results in ppm or %LEL
  • 2,0 m cable and flexible gooseneck
  • Calibration factors stored in the sensor, thus same sensor useable with different devices
  • Easiest handling: Sensor change during operation possible
Technical Data
Measuring range
Refrigerant R134a, R1234ze, R32, H2, R22, R125, R152a, R170, R227, R290, R401A, R402, R404a, R407, R410a, R413a, R417a, R422, R427, R448a, R449a, R450a, R452a, R452b, R454, R513a, R600(a), R1150, R1234yf, R1270
CH4 0...22.000 ppm
C3H8 0...8.500 ppm
H2 0...20.000 ppm
Surface temperature (Infrared) -70...380°C
Relative humidity 0...100%
Amount of leakage 0...100
Temperature 0...60°C
Absolute pressure 300...1.100 hPa
Dimensions and other data
Power supply via coupled host instrument