VARIOluxx for Syngas Analysis Portable syngas analyser for long-term measurements of special gases (syngas)


Outstanding benefits

  • Within most compact space one electrochemical O2 sensor (or one paramagnetic O2 sensor) as well as an infrared bench (CO+CO2+CH4) work jointly to generate precise measuring results
  • All important interfaces are available, such as Ethernet (LAN), WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, RS485, 8 channel analog Outputs
  • Remote wireless control using a smartphone and MRU4u app


  • Steel industry: coke oven gas, blast furnace gas
  • Biomass or coal catalytic oxidation (gasification)
  • Waste gasification process, plasma gasification process
  • Steam reforming of liquid hydrocarbons (refinery gas etc)
  • Flare gases, research … and others
  • O2 sensor (either electrochemical longlife sensor or paramagnetic sensor)
  • Integrated, electrical gas cooler (Peltier) and automatic condensate draining pump
  • Strong sample gas pump and external accessible particulate Teflon filter
  • Automatic zeroing by means of 3-way solenoid valve, user programmable
  • Internal sample flow monitoring with display and alarm
  • Linux OS and large baklit 840 x 480 colour display, with touch and swipe technigue
  • With universal analog input (AUX socket) for external transmitter connection
  • Data memory for approx. 10.000 measurements, optional USB Stick for additional data storage
  • Automatic interval measurement program
  • Data-visualization and evaluation software MRU4win
  • Universal power supply: mains 90-265 Vac /105 W
  • Internal Li-Ion battery for 1 hours mains free operation
  • Automatic selftest and control of soft- and hardware functions
  • Modern, rugged aluminium enclosure with rubber molded impact protection

3-gas NDIR bench CO/CO2/CH4

CO 2.000ppm ... 10%
CO2 0...40%
CH4 2.000ppm ... 4%

O2 measurement, paramagnetic

0...25 %

O2 (long-life) measurement




0...500, overload up to 2.000 ppm


Low sample gas flow

adjustable between 10 l/h to 30 l/h

Additional LiIon battery 12V/48Wh

for additional 1h mains free stand-by operation

RS 485 interface

with modbus RTU protocol for wired far distance data transfer


WLAN/USB printer

with LiIon battery, 80mm paper width and battery charger

"Pelicase" style transport case

suitable for flight transportation

Printer paper 80mm width

thermo paper, pack of 5 rolls

Quick connector assembly

with 5 m unheated Viton sampling line

Industrial probe head, HPI, heated

with integrated heater, 160°C temperature regulated by analyser

Heated gas sampling line, various lengths

for probe HPI, with temperature control and regulation by analyser, quick coupling to probe head

Syngas washing device

portable, for removal of tar or heavy hydrocarbons from sample gas

Service- and cleaning kit VARIOluxx

filter, silicone grease, air bulb, cloth, seals, etc.

PTFE main filter

set of 5 pieces

Technical Data
Measuring range
O2 (electrochemical) 0 ... 25,00 %
O2 (paramagnetic) 0 ... 25,00 %
CO (NDIR) 0 ... 10,00 % / 100,00 %
CO2 (NDIR) 0 ... 10,00 % / 100,00 %
CH4 (NDIR) 0 ... 10,00 % / 100,00 %
H2S (electrochemical) 0 ... 2.000 ppm / overload up to 5.000 ppm
Dimensions and other data
Operating system LINUX
Display 7“ TFT (800 x 480 px) colour display, backlit, with touch and swipe operation
Data storage 10.000 data sets internal and external USB-Stick
Interfaces Ethernet, Bluetooth, WLAN, RS485
Operating temperature +5 ... +45 °C ; RH up to 95 % not condensing
Storage temperature -20 ... +50 °C
Internal power supply 86 ... 265 Vac / 47 ... 63 Hz / 105 W (up to 600 W with heated sampling line)
Power supply 86 ... 265 Vac / 47 ... 63 Hz / 105 W (up to 600 W with heated sampling line)
Protection IP20 (or IP42 inside transport case)
Weight approx. 7,5 kg (with minimal configuration)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 290 x 150 mm