OPTIMA7 Biogas Biogas analyser for fast complete biogas analysis

CH4CO2H2SO2NONO2CO[Translate to Englisch:]
  • Multigas analyser, designed for biogas measurements as well as engine fluegas
  • With unique multipurpose probe*: simultaneous gas sampling and flow Monitoring possible
  • Compatible with new MRU App "MRU4u" *

* Option
** Requires option "Bluetooth"

[Translate to Englisch:] App: MRU4uIrDAUSB

· Prepared for measurement of up to 4(7) gas components
· Including dedicated, intuitive software for biogas/ landfill gas/ exhaust gas measurement
· With biogas/ exhaust gas/ differential pressure measurement (0 … +/- 300 mbar)
· Differential temperature measurement (0 … 1.200°C)
· Large condensate separator with PTFE (Teflon) coated PTFE filter
· Backlit 3,5“ TFT high resolution colour display and backlit keypad
· Mini-USB interface to PC and SD-card slot for large volume data logging, incl. SD-card
· Internal data storage for up to 16.000 measurements!
· High volume data storage to SD card (CSV format)
· High energy Li-Ion battery, for up to 15 hrs operation time
· IRDA interface for high speed infrared thermal printer
· Modern, slim line enclosure with fixing magnets
· Robust stainless steel gas connectors
· Rechargeable battery via USB port
· Wall-plug, universal grid power supply 90-240Vac / 50-60Hz


CO2/CH4 - measurement

0...100,00 %/ 0...100,00% (dual gas NDIR)

CO2 - measurement

0...40,00 % (NDIR)

O2 (long-life) measurement




0...500/2.0000 ppm


H2 - measurement

0...1.000/2.000 ppm


CO-measurement (H2 compensated)




0...1.000/5.0000 ppm



0...200/1.0000 ppm



for connecting additional transmitters (detector probe, etc.)

Detector probe

  • Detector probe for fast leakage detection
  • 1,95 m cable and flex. goose neck
  • adaptable to all AUX sockets

Special "S"-type straight pitot tube

Ø 12 x 220 mm, with integrated biogas sampling

Gas sampling probe handle Type F

for exchangeable tubes

Exchangeable probe tube Type F, 180 or 300mm

from 300 mm up to 2.000 mm length

Biogas sampling hose

5 m, Ø 3/7 mm, Viton

Flame arrestor

to be mounted directly on biogas pipe at the sampling point or at sample gas inlet (client scope)

Pressure reducing box

for high pressure site biogas sampling, e.g. before CHP engine

Speed printer

Infrared high speed thermal printer

Soft transport bag

with shoulder strap (for easy transport, e.g. when climbing up a chimney)

ABS Transport Case OPTIMA7

with compartments for accessories

Large aluminium framed transport case

plenty of space for unit and accessories

Service & Cleaning kit SPECTRA/OPTIMA7

spare filter, fuses, probe cleaning brush, silicone, duster, etc.

PTFE filterelement


Printer paper

for speedprinter

Technical Data
Measuring range
CH4 0 ... 100 %
CO2 0 ... 100 %
H2S 0 ... 2.000 (option) ppm
O2 0 ... 25 %
NO 0 ... 1.000 (option) ppm
NO2 0 ... 200 (option) ppm
CO 0 ... 10.000 ppm
Differential pressure ± 300 mbar
Dimensions and other data
PC-interface mini-USB
Gas conditioning large capacitiy condensate trap
Housing fiberglas reinforced material
Operating temperature +5 ... 45 °C
Power supply lithium ion battery or wall plug 100 ... 240 Vac
Battery capacity 15 hours continuous operation
Weight approx. 750 g
Dimensions 113x244x54 mm (WxHxD)