MRU600 Portable, stand alone Gas Conditioning System

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High quality flue gas conditioning guarantees highly accurate measuring results. Condensation of the flue gas sample must be avoided in the pathway from the point of gas extraction to the flue gas analyzer. None of the target substances must be lost due to condensation. The gas conditioning system protects the analyzer against humidity and dust particles. Thus, long term measuring over a period of several hours becomes possible.

  • 100% corrosion resistance of the gas pathways
  • Option: No condensation on the way from the gas extraction point due to heated sampling line
  • Temperatur regulation to protect the physical condition of the flue gas sample
  • More than 99% efficiency guaranteed
  • Condensation of the flue gas humidity in the heat exchanger at 5° C
  • Indication of the outlet dew point temperature on the front panel of the unit
  • Individually adjustable dew point temperature
Technical Data
Measuring range
Flow 50 ... 150l/h or 50 ... 250l/h (w/ double heat exchanger)
Ambient air temperature +5°C ... +50°C
Dimensions and other data
Cooling capacity 100 kj/h
Inlet dew point 40°C up to 65°C max. (depending on flow rate)
Outlet dew point + 5°C, Alarm at deviation of ± 3°C
Cooler type Peltier controlled heat exchanger
Power consumption max. 120W
Warm up time appr. 5 minutes
Dimensions 410x360x210 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 10 kg