40 years MRU

MGAprime High end flue gas emission analyser for emission monitoring of various industrial sites


(Special edition for China: "MGA6plus)

  • Precise and very stable offset measuring technique by means of non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique, for enhanced long time measurements
  • Up to 8 gas NDIR measurement: CO/CO2/C3H8/CH4/SO2/NO/NO2/N2O/H2 and oxygen with either long-life O2-ECS or O2-PM (paramagnetic cell)
  • Remote control via smartphone or tablet using VCN server via LAN/WLAN (no remote control via MRU4u app)
  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth dongle or WLAN dongle or via VNC server using LAN/WLAN
  • Integrated, efficient dual heat exchanger gas cooler (Peltier type) with dual automatic condensate draining pumps
  • Using single beam through sample cell for NDIR measurements
  • Automatic zeroing by means of 3-way solenoid valve, internal sample flow volume measurement
  • Strong, regulated sample gas pump and easy replaceable, effective PTFE filter
  • Internal sample flow monitoring with display and alarm
  • Zero gas (ambient air) air inlet nozzle and passive VENT outlet of sample gas (for use inside laboratories)
  • O2 referencing (normalisation) to user settable value
  • Large fuel type list incl. self choose fuels with user definable parameters
  • Complete combustion calculation using country specific fuel type list
  • Automatic internal test and control of soft- and hardware functions
  • Automatic measurement incl. data logging function
  • 7” high-resolution (800x480 pixel) TFT colour display with swipe and touch technique, with LINUX operating system
  • Results stored in database - possibility to view entire measurement session in graphical form, create measurement reports, export data to CSV files, and more
  • PC communication via LAN - Ethernet
  • Data transfer to PC over LAN Ethernet (RJ45 socket) or USB
  • Analog outputs (8-channels), analog inputs (4-channels)
  • Modern and robust design, Aluminium enclosure with rubber molded impact protection for use in harsh industrial environment

Glas flow velocity and mass calculation by using a Pitot tube

8-gas NDIR module

CO - CO2 - NO - NO2 - N2O - SO2 - CH4 - C3H8

6-gas NDIR module (CH4)

CO - CO2 - NO - NO2 - SO2 - CH4

6-gas NDIR module (C3H8)

CO - CO2 - NO - NO2 - SO2 - C3H8

H2 - measurement

0...1.000,  overload up to 2.000 ppm



0...500, overload up to 2.000 ppm


Range extension CO (NDIR) to 100.000 ppm


Combustion air temperature probe, 300 mm

w/ PTFE cone and 2,7m cable

Pitot tube, L-type, with temperature measurement

100 x Ø 3mm

Darcy tubes, Type S

for flow velocity measurement, incl. temperature measurement, 300, 1.000 or 1.500mm length

WLAN/USB printer

with LiIon battery, 80mm paper width and battery charger

"Pelicase" style transport case

suitable for flight transportation

Glass wool filter material

1 carton=50x30g for 750 filtering processes

Particulate filter element

for low dust filter cartridge (pack of 10pcs)

Printer paper 80mm width

thermo paper, pack of 5 rolls

IP42 soft padded nylon bag

for applications in rainy conditions

Adapter non-MRU heated sampling line

to connect 6mm steel tube of non-MRU heated sampling line to analysers gas inlet port

Heat deflector shield

Ø 150mm for Ø 10mm tubes

Probe tube holder 1/2"-12mm

for firm and tight probe tube fixation on the gas pipe

Exchangeable probe tube, Type TR

from 300 ... 1.500 mm, stainless or inconel steel

Industrial probe head, HPI, heated

with integrated heater, 160°C temperature regulated by analyser

Technical Data
Measuring range
O2 (paramagnetic) 0 ... 25,00 %
CO2 (NDIR) 0 ... 50 %
CO (NDIR) 0...175 / 10.000 ppm
HC (CH4) (NDIR) 0 ... 500 / 10.000 ppm
HC (C3H8) (NDIR) 0 ... 200 / 5.000 ppm
NO (NDIR) 0 ... 200 / 4.000 ppm
NO2 (NDIR) 0 ... 150* / 1.000 ppm *only possible with optional acid dosage box
SO2 (NDIR) 0 ... 150* / 4.000 ppm *only possible with optional acid dosage box
N2O (NDIR) 0 ... 100 / 500 ppm
H2 0...1.000ppm, Überlast bis 2.000ppm 0...10.000ppm, overload 20.000ppm
Fluegas temperature 0°C ... 1.200°C
Ambient air temperature 0°C ... 100 °C
Differential pressure -120 ... +120 hPa
Flow Velocity 3 ... 100 m/s
Dimensions and other data
Operating system LINUX
Display 7“ TFT (800 x 480 px) colour display, backlit, with touch pad
Data storage internal 10.000 data sets, external USB stick
Interfaces Ethernet, Bluetooth, WLAN, RS485
Printer external thermal printer only
Battery capacity Li-Ion , 96 W, for approx. 1 hour „stand-by“
Operating temperature +5 ... +50 °C ; RH up to 95 % non condensing
Storage temperature -20 ... +50 °C
Power supply 86 ... 265 Vac / 47 ... 63 Hz / 105 W (analyser only)
Protection IP20 (or IP42 inside transport case)
Dimensions 430 x 290 x 150 mm (w x H x D)
Weight approx. 7,5 kg for minimal configuration