MFplus "16911" Dedicated to travers points volumetric flow rate measurement in industrial stacks compliant to European Standard EN 16911-1, to ISO 10780 and to USEPA 40CFR part 60, method 2

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Professional solution with:

  • Compatible for all pitot tubes available on the market
  • Intuitively, bright colours graphic interface
  • High accurancy pressure sensors, temperature compensated
  • Dual K-type thermocouple connectors
  • Long time operation using the NiMH built-in battery
  • Internal storage and SD card high volume data storage
  • Static, dynamic (differential) pressure measurement
  • Ambient barometric pressure measurement
  • Single, differential temperature measurement
  • All known measuring units, user free setting
  • Special dedicated software to travers points flow rate measurements in industrial stacks
  • S-type Pitot tube
  • L-type Pitot tube
Technical Data
Measuring range
Differential pressure ± 100 hPa
Flow Velocity 1 m/s up to 50 m/s
Absolute pressure 700 ... 1.200 hPa
Fluegas temperature -20 ... +1.200 °C (K-type thermocouple)
Ambient air temperature -20 ... +80 °C (K-type thermocouple)
Dimensions and other data
Data transfer Mini-USB or SD-card
Display Colour, backlit 3,5"TFT
Operating temperature -10 °C to +50 °C, max. 95 % RH, non condensing
Battery capacity internal NiMH battery, 30 hours mains free operation
Power supply USB wall-plug battery charger, 100-240 Vac, 5 Vdc-1A
Protection IP 43
Weight approx. 470 g
Dimensions 90x205x38 mm (WxHxD)