DM 9600 CHP Precision Manometer for numerous pressure-, differential pressure- and temperature-measurements at CHP plants

  • Data transfer via Bluetooth to App
  • Long-term stable pressure sensor with a range of up to 10 bars (145 psi)
  • Optional external pressure transmitter for pressures up to 10 bars (145 psi)
  • Twin K-type thermocouple sockets for temperature measurements
  • Optional gas leackage detector
  • Modern, rugged unit with bluetooth, colour touch screen, USB, SD-Card, etc.
USBMicro-SDBluetoothIrDAApp: MRU4u
DM 9600 CHP
DM 9600 CHP Set
DM 9600 CHP
DM 9600 CHP Set
  • Electronic, long-term stable pressure sensor for up to 10 bars (100 psi)
  • Twin K-type (NiCrNi) thermocouple temperature sockets
  • Indication in hPa / mbar / bar / psi / mmHg / inchHG / cmH2O / inchH2O
  • Temperature indication optionally as °C or °F
  • Bluetooth for wireless data transfer to MRU4u app (Android & IoS)
  • AUX connector for external pressure transmitter or gas sniffer
  • USB interface for cable data transfer and battery charger
  • Internal data storage for thousands of measurements!
  • High volume data storage to SD card (CSV format)
  • Min/Max recording, programable average value
  • Automatic and continuously monitoring of pressure/negative pressure
  • Stainless steel fast coupling connectors
  • Brilliant 2,8" TFT touchdisplay
  • Glass-fiber reinforced housing with integrated magnets
  • High energy Li-Ion battery, Auto-Off-Function
  • Wall plug battery charger (EU only) with USB cable
Technical Data
Measuring range
Measuring range internal sensor: 0…10 bar (145 psi)external sensor: 10 bar (145 psi)
Dimensions and other data
Measuring units mbar/ bar/ hPa/ psi/ mmHg/ inchHG/ cmH2O/ inchH2O
Zero point Automatic
Display 2.8" colour TFT, touchscreen
Interfaces Mini-USB, Micro-SD, Bluetooth, IR for printer and AUX socket for ext. pressure transmitter and leackage detector
Data storage internally 10.000 data sets or ext. Mirco-SD card
Data transfer to MRU4win PC-software or MRU4u App
Battery capacity approx. 20 hours with Lithium-Ion battery
Power supply wall plug USB-charger 100…240 Vac, 50…60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 82 x 169 x 36 mm
Weight approx. 400 g