MRU s.r.o. (Czechia) supports "FC ZLICÍN"

We - the whole MRU-team - wish "FC ZLICÍN" a successful season and good luck!

Some information about the football club:

Zlicín is a hamlet on the Prague west outskirts. At the end of the 20th century not much different from other Czech villages. Local young people used to gather at the pub „U Ouradu“ and just there in the year 1928 an idea was born to found Zlicín football club. The idea was officially realized one year later when 14 local citizens set up their football club SK Sparta Zlicín. The club was renamed SK Zlicín in the year 1934 and in the next year moved on a new playing field called Višnovka. Finally, in the year 1936 the club acquired new piece of land for construction of its own football pitch. All Zlicín folks participated in the construction.

Now at the present time - 82 years later - the club has about 160 children in junior teams who take advantage of local excellent training conditions and a sports hall in winter-time which the club has in lease.